Day 5 ... Thursday July 26

Hello guys,
Stella, JingPing, Firiël and Janneke here!
We have had the most wonderful day today again at Rhederoord.
Our day started with the classic neflac warm-up in the woods, mingling with the group and embracing the nature. And yes, let's not to forget the neflac wave. :) YIPs and NTKs then separated for more warm-ups with the flute. To continue with yesterday's workshop, Wieke introduced us YIPers with the zero point rule, which was interesting and useful. The NTKs worked on dynamics and beatboxing. Then we had a free morning and a great lunch. After lunch NTK had their last three masterclasses, which were all rather interesting. Firiël had her masterclass as well, and Emily gave her some great tips about breathing. YIPs started our afternoon with another ensemble rehearsal. We've definitely gotten more familiar with each other and the flute ensemble just gets more fun each day.(the AC in Witte is for sure a plus LOL). Then we turned around, YIPs had masterclasses and NTK had ensembles. We did some great practicing for the try-out tomorrow. Afterwards we had a workshop on using a stage by Meta Stevens.
The goal of the workshop was to comunicate more with the audience through body language and to be more connected with the group. We started with a really funny game: we started to walk through the room and we had to create figures. There was only a rule: no verbal messages or instructions. We were so clumsy and embarassed, but at the end of it we felt a really strong sense of team work and coordination.
Then we started to play the pieces of the concert and try to be aware of our movements and eye contact.

After the workshop we had a barbecue. Of course the guys were doing all the grilling. After everyone was full, a little too full, and the last cups of coffee were drunk; we went for  a lovely walk. Did we get lost in the forest? Well, somehow we found our way back. We promise that no one is left behind in the forest.

Good night for now, we have full packed programme tomorrow!

Bye byee


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