Day 1 ... Sunday July 22

The beginning of the Neflac Summer Academy!

The Academy started on a lovely, sunny sunday morning. We started with name games, and spent too much time learning the names because we were so clumsy so we skipped the warming up. Then we have had lunch which was delicious. After we discovered our rooms. Then the NTK's presentation concert started followed by the YIP's concert. As a surprise, Emily, Jeroen, Wieke and Andrew played a lovely piece of Doppler arranged by Jeroen. After we had dinner with an amazing desert with chocolate. During the dinner we did some buddy activities followed by NTK vs YIP competitions (the YIP one won !).
It was a great first day and we are very excited for the rest of the week. :D
Written by: Gladys, Yuan, Juliette and Gudrun


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