Day 3 ... Tuesday July 24

Following a perfect breakfast, we started our day with a warmup in a woodland glade. After playing some ball games, demonstrating our coordination and athletic skills (and chasing after lost balls in the undergrowth), we did some stretching and jumping.

Our next session consisted of an instrumental warmup, featuring some tricky rhythms with Wieke and scales and hand positioning with Jeroen and Emily. We then divided up into our individual activities for the morning. Some of us had lessons, and others had Alexander Technique. Some new ideas included playing whilst lying on your back and aiming for 'panoramic' vision.

After lunch, the NTKs had masterclasses with Emily. Nina was complimented on her collaboration with Andrew (our amazing residential pianist). The YIPers had flute ensemble with Jeroen and Wieke, focusing on pushing our technique to our limits, and then had a masterclass whilst the NTKs worked on their own ensembles.

We all came together for a breathing workshop with Jörgen van Rijen. We learned that breathing inwards could be considered relaxation, and were challenged to hold our breaths for a long time - almost too long for some!

We ate dinner outside which was followed by some free time for our own chamber music groups. We were tired after a busy day but look forward to playing with Jörgen at the concert this weekend!

Catriona, Nina, Fabiënne, Núria


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