DAY 7...Saturday July 28 FINALE! πŸ™ƒ

Wenjing You Lichelle Kool NicolΓ² Manachino

Date: Saturday 28 July 2018, 2.15 pm
Location: Het Concertgebouw, Kleine Zaal, Concertgebouwplein 10, Amsterdam

Final Concert Day
What a week! At last, the most awaited moment of the Summer academy arrived: the final concert at the Het Concertgebouw.
Leaving De Steeg was a bit sad πŸ˜’ so many beautiful memories, intense hours playing and unforgettable moment made by all of us comes in from of my eyes. After a relaxing breakfast (and a
not so relaxing packing), we were on our way to Amsterdam.
The trip was great with nice music around from the bus speaker and also chatting with peoples. Just a bit of traffic jam but we had a good occasion to rest and to have some beautiful time all together. Accompanied by the nice architecture from Netherland.
After arriving in Amsterdam Concert-Gebouw Recital Hall, all the things went really quickly. We had rehearsals of all the pieces sound check. Its such a beautiful hall with all different composers name on the top of the each entrance. All of us enjoyed to playing here with high concentration.
🎢 lunch in the Mensa plus a short visiting of the main
Hall of Concert-Gebownn orchestra πŸŽΆ

The concert was a blast! Such a beautiful, exciting moment, shared with such beautiful people. Everything went really good and smoothly. We had a wonderful energy all together, sharing music on the stage and smile to all of them and encourage with each one. Audience seems really pleased and enthusiastic about the concert!
We MADE IT!!! Bravo to all of you.
Just before leaving after the concert, we surprised Emily and all the Neflac staff with a little surpriseπŸ’ snow globe with a photo group inside. They looks so happy about it and I’m sure they will never forget this week, as much as we won’t! We all surely appreciated with such a successful week we made together.
Sadly, the goodbye moment arrived...
At the Concertgebouw cafe, we shared drinks before leaving for our next destination. But we all knew that it was just a “See you soon”, and not a real goodbye:
We all know that we will soon meet again somewhere in the world. Flute made us together.

What to say more? It has been an incredible week, so inspiring and full of unforgettable moment. Indeed that will last forever in our heart for our NEFLAC journey.
Meeting wonderful people, wonderful teachers and incredible musicians. And you know what? I know already that I’ll be there next year again. Will you join us?
Smile to what will coming.
Stand on the floor and 
feel your body. Concentrate with you are caring.Create your own success.
trust to our own.
ToÏ ToÏ! Looking forward for the one in 2019
Thank you so much for all of you from NEFLAC family.



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