Blog 6 ... Friday July 27

This morning we started off our morning with a warm up where we did “hoofd, schouders, knie en teen” and we learned a Chinese song from some of the YIPs. Then the NTK had a group lesson about articulation from Jeroen and after that a workshop from Wieke about practicing.

The YIPs had their last masterclass with Emily and Andrew and will be very sad to say goodbye.

This afternoon we had rehearsals for the concert in the Concertgebouw and we are all very excited to play there. Our soloist Jörgen came over to practice with us and we heard his amazing playing.

Then we did a Q&A with Jörgen where Andrew was the host and we got to ask him lots of questions about his life, career and all the funny moments in the Concertgebouw orchestra.

We hope you can come to the concert tomorrow. We’ve had a great week and are a bit sad to leave!

Camilla & Susan


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