Day 2 ... Monday July 23

So on our first full day we woke up to a beautiful dutch morning, and saw the lovely scenery of the national park on our post breakfast walk. Wieke taught us the benefits of warming up, and our group session was given underneath the trees in the forrest, reminding us to be relaxed and take enjoyment in the rest of our day. The NTK group and YIP groups split and did separate warm up sessions on the flute wih Jeroen, Wieke amd Emily. This was the beggining of a long day of enjoyabe and inspiring flute playing! The first individual lessons began, and separate groups took alaxander lessons with a great tutor who came in rom he concertgebouw. It was very interesting and an eye opening experience to help us feel more comfortable with our bodies and instrument. Then lunch!

In the afternoon we began our flute orchestra rehearsals for our final concert at the end of the week, and the first masterclasses with Emily started. These were incredibly helpful and even inspired students to take notes in class for the first time! Emily was so warm and suggested tips which will be so useful for the future.

Our first long first day was finished with an amazing workshop given by Kate Clark about baroque flutes and the cultural heritage of the flute. She reminded us to always be creative about flute playing, and you don't always have to follow a set path.

The day has left us very excited to continue tomorrow!

Written by Irene, Tessa, Lalla and Hannah.


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